Urgggggen. J'ai un dm en anglais et je galère .. je doit ecrire un email a une personne pour dire ce que j'ai fait le jour de Noël . La consigne est la suivante : Use the past tense write down an email to a friend og yours you tell him . 1) What you did for christmas . 2) What you had for christmas voila .Merci d'avance aidez moi s' il cvous plait :(

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merci !


Meilleure réponse !
From : adresse e-mail
To: adresse de ton ami

                                    Hi my friends,

How are you ? I wrote you this e-mail to explain you what I did for Christmas.
First, I past Christmas with my parents because it's a family party. For the Christmas Eve, we decided to invit my parent's friends and our family so with my mother we went to the supermarket to buy the food and the drink. Next, we came back home and started to cook with my father. When he cooked the snails, I prepares some toasts for the appetizer. After that, my father prepared the capon while I prepared a playlist because during the night we danced. 

After the Christmas Eve, so the 25th, below the christmas tree, I saw presents. I unpacked mine and I had a computer ! I am so excited ! 
And you, what did you have ? 

Thanks to read my e-mail and answer me. 

Kiss. (prenom)

En espérant t'aider :)
prepared et pas prepares :) et tu peux aussi lui dire avant What did you have ? What did you do for the Christmas Eve ? :)
Merci beaucoup , oui tu m'a bien aider ! :)
Tant mieux :)