I. 1)The venus fly trap ; Ruth Rendell
2) The Venus Fly Trap is a plant that eats flies and Merle grew one and because she doesn't have much flies in her garden she feeds it chunks of meat
II) ctrue dfalse(also meat) e. false f.false she's thrilled  h.false were she can't
2) a2 b3 c3 d2 f3
3)What's the matter ; resembled ; thrilled ; succeeded; i don't know for the rest

Merci beaucoup d avoir répondue a un exercice du DM !!
excuse moi mais je n'ai pas compris les reponses au grand II et A LA QUESTION 3 du grand I
Les réponses de Cléiabonnassie m'ont l'air correctes. Je te donne la suite :
Pour le II. 3) e= grabbed f= to look after

III. Grammar
a Mozart composed about 600 pieces of music and he died at only 35 years old.
b. Johnny broke his leg when...
c. so they didn't invite her to the party
d. Yesterday she bought a dress...
e. I was late and I hadn't time..
f. Last night I went to the cinema but I didn't like the film very much