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My holidays in New-York are fantastic ! New-York is a beautiful city , and I have visited many monuments. I have been at the to Brooklyn Bridge, in the Statue of Liberty, but I really liked the Empire State Building ! My mother had vertigo, so I went with my father.
Yesterday, I was went shopping with my mother in the streets of New-York.
The hotel where  we rented is really gigantic, with two bathrooms for each bedroom, a big swimming-pool, and a big jacuzzi.
 At the night , I go to the festivals and dance for hours and hours.

J'espere que sa t'iras !! :)

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New york is one of the best city i have ever visited in my whole life. I visited many famous places and shopping was exeptionnal. I am now better at english and i can speak fluently. I had a blast and made lots of friends over there. I will never forget my trip to new york. I told my friends and family that it would be really great if i lived there.
Bon courage pour la suite!!!