Meilleure réponse !
She was frightened, her heart was beating harder and harder, accelerating, she could only hear it and the breathing of the presence, very soft and light but she had stopped and there wasn’t a sound in the old house, making the breath seem like it occupied the whole space, it was oppressing, she could not move, paralyzed by terror. She turned around, her blood pumping in her veins as she did so, trembling from head to toes but she saw no one there. Instead of reassuring her this lack of presence made her get tensed even more, blood rushing to the brain, shivers down her spine, but instead of going down to see if it had gone away by the steps she walked hurriedly to the twin’s room, the wood was creaking under her feet, threatening to break. She opened the door got in and closed it as fast as she could and as quietly as possible. Trish’s eyes were looking in the room, agitated until they got used to the darkness, the twin’s sleeping light was off, an odd thing because they never sleep without it turned on, the only light came from the moon and the stars. She did not see the twins in their beds, she wanted to scream their name but she was scared of doing so because of the presence she had sensed earlier, she started feeling oppressed again then suddenly two little siblings who looked exactly alike jumped out of under their respective beds, screaming and laughing. At first Trish screaming and almost burst out into tears but then she realized it was them and she was overfilled with joy. But she should not have rejoiced so early because something was haunting this old house.