Because of the differences between populations of different countries some people do not know how to read and write. They are the victims of the poverty of their country and of their lack of wealth. Some people cannot afford to go to school because it costs too much to the government, the family doesn’t have the money for it or they simply cannot send their children to school because they need hands on the fields. While most of the population in the richer countries send their kids to school for about seventeen years followed by years of studies. All this families can afford the education of their descendants ignorant or ignoring the fact that some people need just an eighth or even less of this wealth to survive, have water, food but most of all a part of this wealth could help a country build schools so that their people could learn to read and write, maybe manage to get a scholarship but because of the poverty of their country after leaving they do not come back and this cycle keeps repeating itself. If the country could afford to educate more people their quality of leaving would increase and they would not have to live in such poor manners. In the rich countries most people are unaware of the big problem caused by this lack of alphabetization in poor nations so that in the end the situation is not really getting better. Donne des exemples et détaille plus. Bonne chance et bonne année
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