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a terrible catastrophe has happened:nearly all the people on earth have gone blind'.The narrator remenbers the apperance of a new plant, the triffid ... not long before the trouble began.
My introduction to a triffied came early.It so happened that we had one growing in our own garden .The plant was quite well developed before any of us noticed it , for it had taken root behind the bit of hedge that screened the rubbish heap. It wasen't doing any harm there, and it wasn't in anyone's way.nowadays when everyone knows only too well what a triffid looks like , it is difficult to recall how odd and somehow foreign the first ones appeared to us.
nobody, as far as i know, feld any misgivings or alarm about them then.

I have a picture in my memory of my father examining ours and puzzling over it .He leant over it , peering at it through his glasses and blowing gently through his moustache. he inspected the straight stem, and the woody bole from which it spraNG. He gave curious, if not very penetrative attention to the three small , bare sticks which grew straight up beside the stem. He smoothed the green leaves between his finger and thumb as if their texture might tell him something . Then he peered into the curious , funnel- like formation at the top of the stem .I remember the first time he lifted me up to look into that conical cup.
I did not touch it , but i knew it must be sticky because there were flies and other small insects struggling in it More than once my father ruminated that it was pretty queer , and observed that one of these days he really must try to find out what it was .
I don 't think he ever made the effort.
The thing would be about four feet high then. There must have been plenty f them about , growing up quietly and inoffensively, with nobody taking any particular notice of them. And so the one in our garden continuted its growth peacefully, as did thousands like it in neglected sports all over the world .
it was some little time later that the first one picked up its roods , and walked .

nous n'avons pas les photos
recherche le mot triffid dans le texte
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The plant is a triffid
the man is a biologist (not sure for this)
the narrator is intern(or this)
the narrator is a man now
le triffid se trouvait dans leur jardin juste derrière une haie qui se trouvait à coté du tas d'ordures :growing in our own garden;taken root behind the bit of hedge  that screened the rubbish heap
le triffid a été remarqué par le narrateur juste avant que les problèmes commencent, il était encore un enfant : 
not long before the trouble began.My introduction to a triffied came early
ils ne l'ont pas arraché car elle ne les gênait pas et son père avait commencé a examiné la plante :
It wasen't doing any harm there,my father examining ours and puzzling over it
ensuite il fait référence au passé, il parle de mémoire et autres mais je les trouve pas