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Decrire l'image en donnant une petite introduction (nom/genre d'image/date) et

decris ce que tu vois (personnages, vetements, lieux, actions, réactions en utilisant BE+ING.

Texte de thomas bejamin kennington, Homless, 1890

this image shows us two little child who are sleeping in the night while people walk by them, regardless. One of the two child seems to be trying to play to get some money. they don't have any more hope and they look like they're waiting for death to come. This image is a painting made by Thomas Benjamin Kennigton in 1890. This painting is called homeless. In the back, we can see that few people are watching them but no one seems to really be caring.
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Attention, c'est TWO little children ou Two litle kids au pluriel.


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BON, je vais essayer de repondre mais je suis nul.
This small image is of bejamin kennington, his name is Homless.It has was made in 1890.I see 2 small children who are badly to dress .He is in an alley .he request of the money.

We  can see in this picture,  two yong people sitting on the sidewalk, in the street. They are sleeping and they look poor.. One of them is barefoot. They are maybe waiting something..