What is a ( e) nursing ( e) ?This is a person who organizes and provides anointed on prescription : distributionmedication , injections, infusions , blood , bandages but also carehygiene such as washing, as in some of these care services are performed byNurses ( e) .The nurse ( e) also has a very important role relationships with patients and theirsince families spend a lot of time with them.What are the qualities needed ?Be patient because people are very neat asylum sometimes demanding .You have to be mature and thoughtful as it is a job with many responsibilities.It should be nice and friendly because sick people need to support thishospitalization , pain , separation from their families.You must love the human touch .Must be organized in some services such as our workload isimportant .It should be available as times are tough and you have to work weekends andholidays.The base salary is about 1400 euros net which will be added bonusesHolidays and weekends and seniority As the years. You should know that the publicpays better than private but anyway salary will never be proportional toresponsibilities and constraints