Je n'arrive pas a sa non plus c'est de l'anglais aider moi je suis perdu

je comprends pas la question de l'ex 11 mais je vais te faire l'ex 12
Ex 11:
1. At half past five, Mark is on the bus to go at school.
2. At quarter past nine, Sophie is in the classroom and she's doing her exercices.
3. At ten past seven, Rob is in the living-room and he's watching the tv.
4. At quarter past five, Ian and James are in the kitchen and they're eating.
5. At quarter to eleven, Juliet is in the garden with Romeo and they're talking together.

Voilà voilà !
Ex 12
What are you doing ?
Who are you writing to ?
Where's your Dad ?
Where are they ? / What are they doing ? / Where are the sleeping ?
Do you smoke ?


Meilleure réponse !
Ex 12:
What are you doing ?
To whom are you writing ?
What is your dad doing ?
Where are your kitties ?
Do you smoke ?