The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom and democracy . It was a frienschip gift of  France to the United States. It was dedicated on 1886 and designated as a National Monument in 1924.
The 300 copper pieces of the Statue of Liberty were shipped to America by the French ship " Isère". Although the ship nearly sank in rough seas, it arrived in New York by mid June 1885. The Statue's parts remained unassembled for nearly a year until the pedestal was completed in 1886.
The statue of Liberty is located on the so-called Liberty island, in the middle of New- York Harbor, in Manhattan, NY City.
Actually, this island was choosen because of the wounderful view it gives over the city but also as a symbolic welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad. 

Tu peux parler de l'épopée de sa construction, de la procédure de réservation du monument qui est devenu un des plus visités de NYC...
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