Aide moi svpppp: j'ai des gros difficulter en anglais: (je ne veux pas de google traduction svp)
⇒situer ces lieux par rapport au etats unis en utilisant les point cordiaux:
∞the rocky mountains
∞ the missourie rivers
∞the mississipie river
∞ the oregan cost
∞the snake river
∞saint louis
⇒where are the headwaters of: the the missourir river and the mississipie river

⇒find as munch information os you can about the mississipi river
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Pour la première question il faut dire si c'est au sud ouest des états unis, ou au nord est, ou au nord ouest etc...

Pour avoir des textes anglais il faut taper en anglais la demande sur internet. On tombe sur des sites anglais ou américains ou canadiens et on est sur d'avoir du BON ANGLAIS. Alors c'est vrai qu il faut faire un effort pour lire l'anglais, chercher les phrases qui conviennent. Mais si on ne comprend pas, on peut traduire l'anglais sur Google traduction et chercher les bonnes phrases.

Mississipi river:

Mississippi, river,is the  principal river of the United States, c.2,350 mi (3,780 km) long exceeded in length only by the Missouri river. During the American Civil War, the river played a pivotal role as a route for trade and travel. The Mississippi River, meaning the “father of waters”, provided much inspiration to famous author Mark Twain. Steamboats played a major role in the 19th-century development of the Mississippi River and its tributaries by allowing the practical large-scale transport of passengers and freight both up- and down-river. Steamboat,  any watercraft propelled by steampower, but more narrowly, a shallow-draft paddle wheel steamboat widely used on  the Mississippi River. In the 1810s there were 20 boats on the river; in the 1830s there were 1200 hulls. By the 1820s, with the southern states joining the Union and the land converted to cotton plantations so indicative of the Antebellum South, methods were needed to move the bales of cotton, rice, timber, tobacco and molasses  The roots of American Music history run through the Mississippi River Country. Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Country and Folk music can all find their origins in American’s heartland. Cotton and rice are important crops in the lower Mississippi valley; sugarcane is raised in the delta. The Mississippi is abundant in freshwater fish; shrimp are taken from the briny delta waters. The delta also yields sulfur, oil, and gas.

orThe Mississippi River rises in small streams that feed Lake Itasca in North Minnesota and flows generally south to enter the Gulf of Mexico through a huge delta in SE Louisiana. A major economic waterway, the river is navigable from the sediment-free channel maintained through South Pass in the delta to the Falls of St. Anthony in Minneapolis, with canals circumventing the rapids near Rock Island, and Keokuk, Iowa.
Along the river's upper course shipping is interrupted by ice from December to March;

inThe Mississippi River receives the Missouri River near St. Louis
After receiving the Arkansas and Red rivers, the Mississippi enters a birdsfoot-type delta, then discharges into the Gulf of Mexico through a number of distributaries, the most important being the Atchafalaya River and Bayou Lafourche.

Regarding the delta, fish and wildlife populations are threatened as their natural habitat slowly disappears