J'ai un thème à rédiger sur Rosa Park.
Quelqu'un pourrais m'aider ?

Sa biographie et se quelle à fais ?

regarde ma reponse en bat elle est courte et tres efficace pas comme lautre qui a copier sur wikipedia ;) en esperant qu'elle te plaise. Derien :p
Merci beaucoup :D Sa me vas très bien c'est un peu court mais cest bon :)


December 1, 1955, Montgomery, Alabama. The revolt of a woman leads the United States in the fight against racial segregation ... Rosa Parks is black. When a bus driver ordered him to give up her seat to a white man as required by local laws, she refuses and sits. His indignant condemnation black community, led by a young pastor by the name of Martin Luther King, decided to boycott the city buses ... the life of Rosa Parks, "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement" icon peaceful struggle for the rights of blacks.  Voila !
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born February 4, 1913 in Alabama was American nationality. Abore She was a designer and activist she received Springarn Medal in 1979 and the gold medial in the U.S. congress 1999.Elle died October 24, 2005 (92 years)