Alors voilà, j'ai une évaluation orale en anglais sur mon acteur préféré .
Je dois :
- Pouvoir parler 2 minutes environ.
- Faire sa biographie avec des faits marquants (datés) et une filmographie rapide ( au prétérit)
- Dire mon opinion .
inclure des superlatifs + des exclamatives en so ou such.

Pourriez- vous faire ce devoir avec votre acteur préféré ?



Meilleure réponse !
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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born November 11, 1974 (39 years) it is it is an American actor, producer and cénariste .Encouraged early by his mother to flourish in various artistic activities , the young Leonardo DiCaprio shows an interest and an obvious talent for comedy and quickly sees propose roles in television and cinema. After being chosen among many candidates to play against his favorite Robert De Niro in This Boy's Life actor, he particularly pointed with his next film, Gilbert Grape , interpreting intellectual deficient brother Johnny DeppAfter several films in the independent circuit , Leonardo DiCaprio was discovered in 1996 by the general public in the modern rock and adaptation of Romeo and Juliet , Romeo + Juliet retitled . A year later , he became a superstar by playing the romantic hero Jack Dawson in Titanic , the second highest grossing film history and one of the most oscariséavec 11 statuettes films. Along with his business in film, Leonardo DiCaprio is also known for its strong commitment to ecology : he wrote and produced the documentary The 11th Hour , the last corner , which deals with global warming.