I like to see racial discrimination as different to racism. Sure, racism IS racial discrimination, but I think it is possible to discriminate anyone by the colour of their skin, whereas I see racism as the actions and words that arise from the collection of past and present misdeeds towards people of colour. So, I could say that I have possibly experienced racial discrimination - you know, stereotypical remarks, white girl jokes, etc. - but, I can't say that I have personally been the victim of racism, because I don't believe that reverse racism (racism against whites) exists. Again, this is because racism has become a cultural aspect; for example, in America, some racists may harass African-Americans and treat them as second class citizens, due to their forefathers being slaves. This is racism that has evolved from a terrible history of mistreatment and cruelty. Whites cannot really say that they have been persecuted as a group without provocation; sure, there are groups in Africa which are likely to harm you if you're white, but if you weigh that against the genocide, land takeovers, etc. committed by white people, it really becomes an uneven scale. 
After researching and getting involved in social activism, I've realised that seeing racial discrimination and racism as two different things is the best way to go. On one side, we have people of colour and their allies claiming that reverse racism doesn't exist, due to the privilege that whites have always been more entitled to; biting back at them are whites who claim that it does, as people have made jokes aimed at them. I can see both points of view. I don't think it's fair to compare them, as one refers to centuries of pain, fear, and hardships, and the other refers to a hurt ego. But, again, it's not fair to say that one should not be hurt just because one has it harder; racial discrimination hurts for every race.
To answer your question to a point, no, I have not experienced racial discrimination. I have seen white girl jokes, and though it doesn't offend me because I don't like Starbucks and I'm not getting a random Asian word tattooed on myself, I can see how people can get upset by them. To be honest, I think that racism and racial discrimination should not even exist, but I don't believe we should be equal either, as equality would infer that we're all the same. We are not all completely the same, we all have different cultures and traditions and lifestyles, which is beautiful. I believe in equity, that we should all live in peace with the fact that we have differences. Maybe then white girl jokes won't be taken to heart, but rather seen as a lighthearted way of laughing at the ways each race likes to express who they are.