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je doit écrire un texte en anglais sur une histoire fantastique le début commence par Marie was alone .He was in the dark next to a small house.He coulg hear ........
Et finir par Together they felt strong and ran out of the house as fast as possible .
outil grammaticale prétérit et le prétérit en be +ing .Merci

Donne des idées, au moins en français.


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Marie was alone. He was was in the dark next a small house. He could heat her heartbeat. Slow and fast at the same time.
After ten years of being next to her but staying away, being afraid to scare her or to hurt her; he decided to try to explain her. He went in her house and he heard her heartbeat going faster : she was already scared. "Great start ! "He thought and started to wonder if it was a good idea. But after all, he just wanted to help her, to keep her alive.
When we arrived in her room, she was reading, and when they saw each other again, they both started to freak out.

He was explaining her why he came back in her life and she was trying to understand. But his red years were weird and she couldn't ignore the fact that he was a beast. Butt she knew that he would never hurt her. So she was trusting him. He took her out of all this and together, they felt strong, and ran out of the house as fast as possible.