In the foreground we can see a spaceship where there is zero gravity and the galactic suite which is a space shuttle.
2) no it isn't. it is a real.project. many people has already been into space. neil armstronf was the first man who wlaked on the moon in 1969. the goal of his project is to develop space tourism
3) i suppose the guests may feel like they are conquering space . it must be strange of the wieghtness. it must have been amazing to see earth from the space. it must have been nreathtaking to be travzlling the space. it must have been exciting to take up a challenge
i dont really want to spend a few days in spaxe because i dont like to be in zero gravity because im afraid of. but in one way i like to.spend a day in space because i want to see the earth from the space because itust be amazing to live