Aidez moi s'il vous plait je suis nul en anglais et je dois le rendre pour lundi (niveau 5eme )
Faire une rédaction sur la maison de mes rêves (il y a tant de chambre, d'étage,salle de bain, salon....)Et se base ensuite principalement sur la description de notre chambre. Il faut que ca sois original si possible ;) Evidemment tous ca traduis en anglais. Merci d'avance je vous serais très reconnaissant.



My dream house would in the south of France! It would be on top of a hill so that it would have great views of a valley. I would be a very big house with at leaf 4 levels. I would have a huge garden with a big pool, a jacuzzi and a BBQ. I would also like it to have a tennis court so that i could invite my friends over to play. To get to the house you would ave to drive down a long driveway made of cobblestones. the house would be white with being french windows and a double door, made of wood and painted black. My living room, dining room and kitchen would all be on the bottom level. The living room would have wide doors that could open onto the deck outside. My kitchen would be very big and facing east. his way in the morning the sun would be shining into my kitchen. the dining room would have a huge table that could seat up to 14 people! That way for holidays like christmas and easter i can invite my whole family for diner. On the second level i would have my bedroom. It will be huge! It will have a big bed and a television. It would be joined to my on-suite bathroom and my walk-in closet! On the third floor would be my office where i could look out onto the garden, and on the top floor i would have a more bedrooms for my guests that would come to stay. Finally in the basement i would have a gym for exercising and a movie theatre so that i can watch movies with all my friends on a big screen.
j'ai parlé de tout la maison et l'extérieur et j'ai fait du details sur la chambre, salon, cuisine et salle à manger. J'ai écrit ca sur la chambre "On the second level i would have my bedroom. It will be huge! It will have a big bed and a television. It would be joined to my on-suite bathroom and my walk-in closet!" si tu veux plus sur la chambre, tu peux l'ecrire en frnacais et je peux le traduire pour toi :)
c'est vraiment super gentil je te remercie !!!! :)
derien ;)
Pour ma chambre j'aimerai bien que tu rajoute : J'aimerai que dans ma chambre il y ai un très grand toboggan qui atterrisse dans une piscine avec une salle de musculation et un coin lux pour mon chat . Si tu peux me traduire ca ? :)
i would like there to be a huge slide in my room, which lands into another pool with an private exercise room. I would also like my cat to be able to have her own little corner my bedroom with all of her toys and her soft velvet bed.
The house of my dream is a big house, next to los angeles. I want a villa with a big swimming pool. In this house, there is six bedrooms, three floors, four bathroom, a fantastic kitchen, a perfect living room, and a beautiful garden. 
In the bathroom there is a big bath and a shower. There is mirrors everywhere in the room. At the first floor, there is a big ccorridor and a red carpet. At the second floor, there is a beautiful sculpture of my mather. Then, at the fird floor, there is an incredible view on LA. My bedroom will be blue and white. My bed will be a fantastic mezzanine.In my room, I have a brown sofa, where my dog is sitting. So the house of my dreams may be exeptionnal.
Merci beaucoup c'est super !:D
derien, c'est peut-être plus appropié et vraisemblable mon texte que celui du dessus, parce que elle va voir que c'est pas toi qui l'a fait sinon..;
je pense ou mais je pense faire un melange des 2 ^^
Tu peux me traduire ca si ca ne te dérange pas ? :) : j'aimerai bien que dans ma chambre il y es un grand toboggan qui attérirsse dans un grande piscine avec une salle de musculation est un coin lux pour mon chat :) merci d'avance