Prétérit ou Present perfect ?

Attention à l'orde des mots !

a) Josh (already/ see) the Changing of the Guards, but the (not / be/ yet ) on the London Eye.

b) Jerry (play andball) in many countries. Two months ago, he (play) in Germany. c) Grace (already / climb ) Ben Nevis and Snowdon twice, but she (not / climb / yet ) Everest!

d) -What film (you / see ) last night?

- Lord of the Rings. - ( enjoy / you) it?

- I loved it. I (already/ see) it your times

C'est pour lundi aidez moi !!!!!




a)Josh  has already seen (already/see) the Changing of the guard...
 but he has not been on the London eye yet. (not/be/yet/ on the London eye).
b) Jerry  has played (play)handball in many countries.
Two months ago, he played (play) in Germany.

c) Grace has already climbed (already/climb) Ben Nevis and Snowdon twice but she  has not climbed Mount Everest yet!

d)What filmdid you see (you /see) last night?
8. did you enjoy (enjoy/you) it?

I loved it. I have already seen (already/see) it four times.