Voilà mon sujet:
Your parents forbade you to do something which was very important for you. At the moment, you are talking about it with your best friend
--> Imagine your conversation. Write a dialogue.

Avez vous une idée d'introduction car je n'arrive vraiment pas a comprendre :(



Sarah: Can you believe that my parents are not letting me go to Tristan's party this weekend?
Olivia: What? Why? 
S: They say that don't want me to go to a party with boys. It is so unfair because i really wanted to go!
O: My parents are letting me go as long as I promise that I will sleep in a different room to the boys.
S: I said that to my mother but she still won't let me go! I promised Tristan that i could go, now he is going to be mad at me!
O: I don't think he will get mad at you, but he will be upset. We have to convince your parents to let you go!
S: I tried convincing them for an hour last night!
O: What were your arguments?
S: Well at first I said that everyone was going to the party and that i would be left out if i was the only one who couldn't go.
O: what did she say after that?
S: well she telephoned Chloe's mother and found out that she was not allowed to go either, so now my mother is also mad that i lied to her.
O: Well i guess we still have 2 more days before the party to try and convince her to let you go! Maybe i can get my mother to call her! 
S: Thats a great idea!