URGENT, c'est pour demain et c'est noté, pouvez vous m'aider s'il vous plait? Voici la consigne si vous n'arrivez pas bien à la lire :

Consigne : I build-up a short short story around these words ( environ 50/80 wode)

Merci à ceux qui m'aideront.



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There was once a little tiger like no other he was not carnivorous these parents force him to eat meat then this little tiger every thing nice One day he saw a gazelle qi was in danger
-No a tiger I die
-No, I'll eat you pa I do not like susi els other sje do not like eating Takes I'll help you This nice-ets vraimet said the gazelle So they became friends
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A personn (jack) drive a blue car in Los Angeles but Jack have an accident. 
Jack turning a woman with her diog in the street but Jack goes out.
The police car and the ambulance arrived but the women die.
Jack don't assume there acts and he flees.
Two month after, the investigation herd to Jack
Jack was arrested