My name is mathée ! i'm sixtheen years old and 1m50 tall. i come from acoua in the mayotte. i have two half-sisters and three half-brothers. i'm stude, i'm intro music, i'm better in french than english. i'm interesed in the baseketball and in dolphin. i love the strawberries because i'm fond of ice-cream. the evening, i can't bear mosquito. i hate cats because i can't stand animal. i would prefer swinming than sailing because i fancy the sea. i like very much sidney in comparison to other city because i like the nature, the air pure and different people. but in the other city, i hate them quality of life and activities. moreover i find than New York and ottawa don't correspond too and at my desires.

est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me corriger s'il vous plait!!!!
t'es sur que mes phrase a
a du sens


I comme back from
i have got two 
i' m a 
i'm interrested at 
i love strawberry 
i prefer 
i like naturalisme 

merciii <3
De rien
t'es sur que mes frase c'est bon
ah merci alor