Bonjour j'ai deux question en français et je voudrais la réponse on anglais mercii de me signifie se que veut dire la phrase
1) quels sont les problèmes liés au gaspillage (papier) ?
2) comment luter contre cela ??



Meilleure réponse !
1) To be produced, paper need to use wooden logs to be created. This need is not nature friendly at all because the production of paper can destroy a whole forrest to harvest the wood like in the Amazonian forrest. We also know trees produce oxygen and that we need it to live, so this production threaten our lives.
Paper waste is also a burden for the environment because this concists of a massive waste that need to be treated. This means more costs and also more taxes to pay. 

2) To fight against this problem, we have to recycle paper or products made of paper. With that, it will be possible to minimize paper waste and also to produce new objects or also recycled paper. To make it possible we must sort our waste.