Help me please

Je dois conjugue les verbe au présent simple

A. Kelly (be) the class représentative ans she (have) lots of projets for US
B. Where ... the principal (live) ?
C. M'y sister (not/like) making posters but she (like) talking to students.
D. Cher friends (participate) in the drama club
E. ... to become president , or ont (you/want)



A. is - has
B. lives
C. doesn't like - likes
E. You want

Kelly is the clas representative ans she has
La réponse n'est pas complète. ^^
Les vrais réponses sont : Kelly is the class representative ( il n'y a pas d'accent à representative ^^ ) and she have got a lots of projet for US. Where lives the principal ? My sister doesn't like making posters but she likes talkting to students. Cher friends participate in the drama club. You want to become president.