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The comic scene take place in a house 

The father is hardworker (he wants too work) and the grils are teenagers and there are lazy 

The three girls are bored 

The father asked if they have finished their homework and then offers them to go to wash the car
he said they have plenty of thngs to do . It does not understand

La derniére je ne sais pas désolée :/ 

J'éspére que je t'ai aidée ! :-)
Derien c'est normal ! :D
Il y a aussi une question que j'ai pas mis mais c'est décrire le document tu peux me dire se que je pourrai mettre stp <3
Oui alors : the three girls are sitting on the sofa, in the room of the house
merci !!!
Je t'en prie ! :) <3
The scene take place in the living room
There are 3 women and 1 boy
The father is asking if the girls have finished their homework