Tu mets par exemple last week i play call of duty because it's extremelly fantastic and i bake a cake of the birthday of my little sister i think that cool 
Next i ate ice-cream with my friends because i like it 
But i didn't kill my dog because it's not funny
Merci mais c'st bon j'ai tout fait sur Rerverso :D 55 Lignes ^^ Mais 80 mots je n'est ps compris escque c'st obliger que je mais des verbes irrégulier ?
tu peux en mettre mais je pense pas que tu sois obliger
Last week-end, I went in my family because my little cousin was born. She's so beautiful and cute, I love her. We went at her baptism on Saturday and in a restaurant on Sunday to celebrate her birth. I saw my grand parents, my uncle, my cousins and my aunt. The name of my little cousin is Amélia. I love this name and it's a good name for her. After this celebration, were back at home. I did my homeworks and I played with my little sister at Just Dance because she love this game. This week end amazing and fabulous.