Voilà mon texte ! J'avais exactement la même chose pour demain : 

I chose John's advert because I think it was the funniest. 

John said that there were 2 parts : there was the product at the top and a lion with a clean mane (or clean hair) in the center. 

The product was a shampoo and the brand was Timotei. 

The scene took place in the jungle. 

He said the first argument is the lion which used the shampoo. He has a very smooth mane : this situation is used to show the product is for everybody. 

The second argument is the lion in the center : it is placed in the middle to attract customers' attention. 

The third argument is the lion : it is used to show that the shampoo is easy to use. 

Finally, the last argument is the clean mane: the Lion's mane is cleaned to show the product is good and effective. The result is the same for animals as for human.