Retablissez les forms verbales :

1- When Dan (meet) Audrey he knew he (meet) Miss Right.

2- Many internet users spend hours on chat lines. They (Hope) to strike up Net relationships.

3 - Rance (secure) a job transfert to San francisco six months after her first F2F with Pal Joey. She (anticipate) a trip to the altafr

4 - The new technology that (bring) people togheter also (keep) them apart. Couples (break up) as fast as they (get) married.

5 - Every day the world becomes a smaller place thanks to the internet. People with mutual interests (be) brought closer togheter, and (become) nets addicts.



La forme verbale c'est le prétérit donc : 
1 - met / met
2 - hoped
3 - secured / anticipated
4 - brought / kept / broke up /got
5 - were / became
es ce que tu pourrais encore m'aider s'il te plait ?