Bonjour, je dois écrire en article de journal en anglais et la sujet c'est : " The State of Connecticut has set one last execution for the end of the month. Imagine the headline and write a newspaper article (150 words)" Je ne sais pas vraiment quoi mettre dedans, en ce moment en cours on voit la peine de mort aux USA. Aidez moi s'il vous plait :$



After the hanging, and the electric chair it is the lethal injection which kills prisoners says "culprit". Does not exist no luck for the one who to clerk a fault, to regret? Regrettably this punishments inhuman will never leave with us the luck to discover if people can change. Who we are to decide on the death of a human being? And if this person it was me? And if this person was innocent? So many unsettled questions which shall never find any answer. Any step backward, none resorts in possible justice. These people who kill with impunity are on the same place as the prisoners which they want to punish. They kill them, as these culprits who kill. They have some blood on hands, as those whom they condemn. There is you he a sense in this justice?