Bonsoir je doit faire un Dm en Anglais sur raconter ses meilleur vacances pouvez vous me corriger :

My favourite holidays is when I went to Morroco with my family .Morocco is a splendid country. The first days, We went in the beach in Rabat ,he had a big waves.It fanny.The evening, We ate in the restaurant. It was tasty.The second days we went to my cousins. We ate a couscous . the other days we have to visit museum and we go some time picnic in the mountain.The last day I was disappointed because I turned over to France.




Pas de s a second day. Dit plutot "We visited my cousins ou We had a dinner at my cousin's. the other days we visited a museum, sometimes, Because i returned to France voila j'ai essayer de corriger le maximum :)