Pouvez-vous me faire une histoire d'horreur (genre halloween) en anglais au prétérit avec du vocabulaire de monstres , fantômes etc.. Merci d'avance

Once upon a time, a little girl was wiith she's brothers, they was in a forest. The little girl seen a big monster, the girl shout ! she was horrified. The monster was big, green, slimy, a bad smell. One could not expect worsemonster. The big brother of the girl, took her in his bras.Il put it behind him and threw himself on the watch for the hunt. The much stronger than this young man, not a mouthful fesait monster. The little girl had not had time to get eaten, she was scared to death.


This happened in London 4 years ago. Michael wasn't a respectable boy, he cheated on his girlfriends several times lying to her, hiding it by pretending he was busy with his colleague. But one day, his girlfriend passed away in a car crash. He just left the place where he slept with an other woman that very day when he received a phone call from a police officer. He told the entiere story to the so called "boyfriend" and hung up straight after saying "We are really sorry mister...". Michael stand still for a second holding the phone in his hand. He felt nothing, he wasn't sad at all and not a single tear was in his eyes. 
That's the day he realized his way of life was totally wrong and that he had to do something to change. But it was too late, he was an evil man he did so many things to this poor girl and he couldn't do anything to make her live again. One day, Michael walked down the street where he was living. He used to take a few step in the neighbourhood at night to change is mind after a day of work. Bu that night wasn't an ordinary night. Everything went blurred for him, he couldn't see a thing. He passed out on the ground and nearly killed himself on the corner of the sidewalk. He woke up 5 minutes after, opened his eyes and saw his dead girlfriend's above him. Freaked out he run like a mad man in the empty street. He couldn't forget that moment, that prevented him to sleep in 3 days. But his ex girlfriend kept appearing in his bedroom everynight. He went mad, he tried to speek to other people who did not took him seriously and he did not get any help. One night when he almost felt asleep he heard a voice whispering "kill yourself you dirty pig". It was the first time Michael heard his ex girlfriend's voice in weeks. She continued haunting him until one day feeling too remorseful Michael took a chair, a rope, made a knot with it, climb on the chair, fixed the rope on the wooden log in the ceiling and made what he thought could stop that awful situation.
From then and untill now Michael's grave is standing in front of the one of his girlfriend. Some say that we can hear loud screams coming out of the graveyard and that every day at the same time we can see the ghost of Michael's girlfriend walking in the street where he lived.