I live in my home for almost 18 years.
I had never seen anything scary or morbid. A simple house in a small village without incident. One day when I was with my best friend we went to my cellar to fetch a drink in the freezer. This cave is formed of 3 pieces one behind the other and connected via gates all . Then she pointed out to me that she had never been in the back room . The last.
As the only room where there was no light I entered only 1 or 2 times in my life. We then decided , and although we had some fearless ( at our age ) we shook one against the other. We had flashlights and entering we watched from all sides . This part consisted only of land and old son rolls iron . That's when she suddenly remarked to me a depression in the ground on our right.
This hole had nearly the form of a bath, we we approached and tapped it with his foot , that's when it went through a board. Died of fear we turned around and went to tell my parents. My father seemed surprised with my neighbor and they decided to go digging and see what is found in this board moldy by time. After a few minutes of their great surprise, they discovered a very old coffin . Obviously they decided not to open it and sent for the village mayor . It tells us that he would inquire after removing the coffin . A few days later we learned that the person who was buried there was a young woman of twenty years who had disappeared in the 20s to Trentes miles from home . After doing some research on it and we learned that this young woman named Marise Mourgues had disappeared shortly before her wedding. After the forensic doctors had examined , we learned that every bone in his body had been fractured before a sharp heavy object smashed his skull. I did not know that today's medicine could enable us to learn all this on an old corpse over 80 years. So I had lived 18 years over a young woman who had been tortured to death.
If I can give you advice, before buying a home, check if no corpse lies beneath your feet!