How many siblings have you got ?
What are you parents' jobs ?
When were you born ?
Where do you live ?
Why is your teacher angry ?
Who broke the window yesterday ?
When will you go to Paris ?

How are you ?
What is your name ?
When was you born ?
Where is my phone ?
Why this man is angry ?
Who is he ?
How I Met Your Mother  ?
When are they to arrive?
where are you in your work? 
when did they leave? 
where do you stand on this issue? 
which candidate are you voting for?
why is she beautiful ? 
Who is going to do the dishes?
why do you go ? 
ca se dit pas "how I met your mother" genre ce n'est pas une question :p c plutot "how did I meet your mother" et aussi c pas "why do you go" c "why did you go" et "what the cut" n'est pas du tout de l'anglais. mdr
voila je met mes reponses: How was the party? What was the answer? When will you visit? Where were you last night? When did they find out? Where is the classroom number 7? Which one seems to be the most casual? Why would you do that to me? Who are you going with? Why was she acting weird?