The first poster represents some of the caracters present in the movie untitled "Pirate of the Caribbean". On the top, we can see 4 persons with the main caracter Jack Sparrow holding a gun and a sword in the middle. The title is in the middle written on a scroll. On the bottom of the poster, there are pirates with battleships in the background.

The second poster represents two caractersof the movie "Juno" on the left side. The background is stripped with white and red lines. The two caracters areteenagers. The boy is wearing a sport outfit and the girl is pregnant. The title of the movie "Juno" is written right next to the girl's belly. On the bottom right of the poster, we can see people running.

We can conclude that these posters do not represent the same kind of movie. On one poster, there's a lot of dark color like black and ochre for an action movie, and on the other one, there is some brighten color like white and red for a sentimental based movie.