Bonjour, pouvez vous m'aider svp.
C'est une exercice en anglais.
1-Mettez ces phrases à la forme négative.
1) I play football.
2) He works in London.
3) We sing well.
4) You remember me.
5) They do the washing up every day.

2-Mettez ces phrases à la forme interrogative. Si elles sont à la forme négative, elles seront mises à la forme interronégative.
1) Tarzan swims like a fish.
2) Jane doesn't like cooking.
3) Her brothers play the trumpet.
4) Children usually like school.
5) Cats don't eat carrots.



1. 1) I play football.
-> I do not play football.

2) He works in London.
-> He does not work in London.

3) We sing well.
-> We do not sing well.

4) You remember me.
-> You do not remember me.

5) They do the washing up every day.
-> They do not do the washing up every day.

1) Tarzan swims like a fish.
-> Does Tarzan swim like a fish ?

2) Jane doesn't like cooking.
-> Does not Jane like cooking ?

3) Her brothers play the trumpet.
-> Do her brothers play the trumpet ?

4) Children usually like school.
-> Do children usually like school ?

5) Cats don't eat carrots.
-> Don't cats eat carrots ?
1 / I don't play football
2/ He doesn't work in London
3/ We don't sing well.
4/ You don't remember me
5/ They don't do the washing up every day