Utilisez les adjectifs ci-dessous pour comparer les super heros, trouvez le meilleur dans chaque catégorie .
Exemples: In my opinion Ghost rider is sillier than the other superheroes, he's really the silliest!


Hulk-The Rock-Batman-Ghost Rider-Superman-Catwoman-Hancock-Flash Gordon



1. In my opinion hulk is bigger than the other superheroes, He's the biggest.
2. The rock is more amazing than the others superheroes! He's the most amazing
3. Flash gordon is faster than the other heroes, He's the fastest
4. Hanckock is meaner than other superheroes, he's the meanest
5. Catwoman is more clever than other superheroes. She's the most clever
6. Bat man is more bad than the other superheroes. he's the worst!