Meilleure réponse !
Breaking news :

A plane crash occurred friday night during a violent storm. The aircraft was thunderstrucked and the entiere engine stopped to work. Neither of the two pilot nor the rest of the crew succeed to rectify the fall of the plane that was going straight in the middle of the sea. The rescue team managed to reach the crash site within 2 hours and tried to overcome tha situation that was going worse minute by minute with a possibility of fire due to the kerosen lost over the sea. The pieces of the plane wreckage remained linked until one of the reactor dismanteled and started to sink  taking a part of the left side of the aircraft with it. The engineer cut off the cables which were the source of the sinking and stopped the nightmare. 
Fortunatly, neither of the light crew nor the passengers was harshly harmed during the crash. The speed of the rescue team has allowed the situation to be under control very quickly.

Voilà, je sais pas si ça peut te faire tenir plus de 2 minutes mais je n'ai plus d'idée :/