1 ) Land Pollution
Agriculture is the main cause of soil pollution due to fertilizers and pesticides that seep into the ground. The infiltration of fertilizers and pesticides causes serious pollution of groundwater groundwater. Contamination of groundwater is very difficult or impossible to clean. Water can not be processed and becomes unusable .
2) Water ( water scarcity and quality )
Three points are of particular concern for water . Water consumption and resource depletion , pollution of surface water and groundwater pollution : Because fresh water is a precious resource , pollution aquifers, which constitute an important reserve of relatively pure freshwater , and lakes and rivers, is probably the most worrying. Pollution of fresh waters are found in the seas and oceans, the water cycle , and come and aggravate the marine pollution. The use of pesticides is extremely harmful to living beings products , causes release of these substances in aquatic environments , and causes direct death of certain animal species. The oil pollution , such as oil spills can represent up to 40 % of water pollution . Pollution with heavy metals such as lead , mercury , zinc and arsenic are derived for most industrial discharges , they are not biodegradable . Present throughout the food chain, they accumulate in organisms , and are therefore highly toxic done. All this pollution has very serious consequences on the marine ecosystem .