Expression écrite, utilisez les structures abordées en classe (USED TO V, NOT .... ANY MORE / NO LONGER) ; Apportez votre touche personnelle si possible.
Write a short article in a newspaper about Gary Jenkins :
Date and place of birth: 1955, Bristol.
Hobbies at school: playing card, playing detectives with friends.
Home: Bristol until the 1960s, then London.
Job: forensic scientist until 1989 (collect, use, idenrify, detect... blood, alcohol...)
Now: a university lecturer in forensic science.



Gary Jenkis was bron in 1955 in Bristol. At school, he used to play cards and detectives with in friends, He doesn't lived in Bristol for a long time: he moved to London in the 1960s. He used to be a forensic scientist: he used to collect samples and detect blood traces. He changed jobs in 1989. Now he is a lecturer in forensic science at the university. Today, he doesn't deal with crime scenes any more.

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