She said I am going to take as many as I can and then she took them upstairs, I said why tablets and she said because I'm a wimp," the girl said.The girl told the officer that Laura had stuffed many of the pills into her dressing gown pocket and once in her bedroom she put them on the bed.When her mother walked in she quickly threw her dressing gown over the pills so she did not see them.The girl told the officer that Laura detailed the effects she expected the from the tablets."You feel ill and you are sick and you inhale it and it's that that kills you," she had told the girl.The girls also decided to write notes to each other and notes to their parents. They then took up to four dozen tablets which the girl described as little pink round ones, little blue oval ones and little red ones.She said that Laura "was taking them really fast and then we were going to cuddle up and go to sleep together".Both girls said that they then felt dizzy and Laura explained: "It means your organs are shutting down."She said that later on she woke up and found Laura unconscious with blue lips. She panicked and started shouting and alerted her parents who were sleeping in the next room.She said that she herself was sick in the house and in the ambulance on the way to hospital and at hospital itself.The inquest has heard that the girl still lives in a psychiatric unit and is racked with guilt for surviving.