Je suis bien désole de vous deranger mais j'aurai besoins d'adide pour un passage a l'orale en anglais
Je doit presenter le sport que je pratique ,pourquoi et quand comment etc
Je pratique de l'halterophilie ainsi que du velo ,c'est ma passions
Gros bisous a tous merci d'avance
environ 10-15 ligne



Tu pourrais déjà dire par exemple: 

Weightlifiting is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic programme in which the athlete attempts a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.
In a word, you have to lift a heayv barbell. 
I'm practicing such a sport because that's my passion, I've ever been loving this sport.
Indeed, since my youngest age, I've been facinated by this kind of heavy liftings. What's more, being a competitor, I can tell you that the fact of practicing such a sport makes you feel really free and much more competitive due to the self-mental development : you just can't lose when you are performing this sport and if you are starting to find yourself losing the control of the traction of the barbell, you're brain (your self-mental) does the other part of the job. 
I'm practicing this sport once/twice/thrice a week, so I sometime I can find myself more or less eficient due to the weariness. 

Voila il y a sans doute quelques fautes mais je pense que ça fera l'affaire :)