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I think that role models are not really indispensable for young people, but actually it's good to have a role model. But a good role model to give us inspiration , we want them to inspire us and I think that every teen or a kid need this.
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: est ce que les roles modeles sont indispensable pour les jeunes personnes
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It would be nice to have a role model in life. We all need someone to look up to regardless of the age. But how could children choose the right role model? Would I make a good role model by being on television or having fame and money?! A lot of people might argue " yes, he made it and he has everything the majority of people in this world want". Others however might say to have good values, education,and being kind hearted is more important. I think the only thing parents can do when their kids look up to someone as a role model is to talk to them, finding out the infatuation and at the same time to be objective without criticizing. I believe we all need role models in life even when we reach adulthood. To have a positive path in life, to be more humane, and to understand life is not just about monetary objects. There are good role models and bad ones, and if we knew how to choose the right ones earth would have been a much nicer place for everyone.