What do you prefer the british of the french scool systrm ? why ? 100 mots svp en anglais je sais pas

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il me faut des phrase pour dire ce qui est bien en france et ce qui est bien en britanie pour le system scolaire me dite pas que des mots en anglais mais des phrases


I prefer the British school system ; the school time is more short than the French's one, and on the afternoon the British pupils practice sports and creative activities ! I appreciate this system. It's more simple and nice for the pupils, but they've less summer holidays than us...

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Je n'ai pas compté les mots mais je pense que le compte y est.
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Ah. Tu as déjà un début. En ajoutant quelques éléments tu arriveras vite à 100 mots ! :-)
jpeut ajouter quoi ?(en francais )
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I prefer the British's school system, because they're shorter in school than here in French. They wear uniforms, what's good, all the kids are the same and there is no judgment for this cause in France a lot of kids in school are laughing at what the other kids are wearing.