Voilà J'ai essayer de te faire une breve description The picture i choosed COMES FROM THE internet, it MIGHT BE a postal card wich representS Clipton Beach. This place is in South Africa and more precisely in Cape Town, the provincial capital of the Western Cap. 
On the bottom of the picture, we can see some trees, CERTAINLY pines because of the mediterranean climate. 
The weather seems very sunny, we can see A few clouds but MOST OF the sky is blue. The temperatuRe is propably HIGH, maybe between 86°F and 100°F. 
On the middle plan, there is the Atlantic Ocean, the water seems very clean and transparent. We can see some little waves on the seabord but the ocean looks calm and smooth.There is also a peninsula with SEVERAL rocks on the middle of the picture. 
THE WHITE SAND BEACH IS ABOUT one mile ALONG. There are some tourists but i think they are not as many as usual. In this magnificent place, tourists can SWIM in the ocean, SURF, scuba DIVE, ANGLE AND SAIL for example. At the bottom of the beach we can see a rocky heap and some buildings. THIS area is PROBABLY forbidden for boats because there ARE no port or wharfs. 
Mais j'me suis trompé c'est en Francais.