Bonjour, j'ai un oral à faire sur un texte que j'ai moi même construit. Etant donnée que mon niveau d'anglais n'est pas le meilleur qui puisse exister. J'aimerai que quelqu'un me corrige avant que je n'apprenne des fautes de verbes, de temps ou de mots qui n'ont rien à voir avec le contexte de ma phrase.
C'est un devoir noté alors j'aimerai être aidé pour que je puisse donner le meilleur au moment venu !
Merci d'avance !

The name of my superhero is "judicious woman" but her real name is Kelly Jones. She's called like this because in the normal life, her job is be a magistrate. Thanks to her experience, nowadays she can make right decisions really easily.
She's a woman very beautiful and she likes playing of her physical appearance in attracting men. She's tall and quite slim. She has short blond hair and blue eyes. The ouftit is flighty. She has a mini skirt and a top who seems like a brassiere. She wears a cape, a cowboy hat and she has three weapons ; one arch and two swords. At chest level, we can see a kind of light, it's her logo.

In the real life, she's very shy but her job and be a superhero can have the aim of strengthening and raising self-confidence and encouraging self-initiative. She's courageous and don't hesitate to save the weakest. She's generous and give to the poor. For her, it's very easily to analyze a situation and take advantage for win against the enemy. As superpowers, she use a force field to protect her. She can blind and with her look to fall in love her enemy.
One day, while she catch his plane for rejoin her parents at new work to a week-end. There were a accident airplane, he's fell in the sea. Everybody is dead. Excepeting Kelly Jones who swimming in the water strangely pink. Since this day, her life changed.
Her mission is to make the law and to live the world in the peace. Because the police is too weak to stop delinquent.
The delinquents are influenced by a man who gives them powers and makes them more strong. He wants black hearts to feed and rule the world. His person is named « The black king ».



Meilleure réponse !
My superhero is called « Judicious Wowan » but her true name is Kelly Jones. She chose this alias because she is magistrate. She can indeed make good decisions easily. It is a beautiful  woman who plays her assets  to attract the men. She is tall and slim. She has short blond hair and big blue eyes. She wears a mini skirt and a very low-necked top. She also wears a cape, a cowboy hat and she has three weapons; a bow and two swords. The light which appears on the breast is her logo.
In the reality, JW is very shy, but to be a magistrate and superhero aim at strengthening the self-confidence and the initiative. She is brave and does not hesitate to save the weakest. She is generous and gives to the poor people. Thanks to her superpowers, she analyzes a situation quickly and takes the advantage on the enemy easily. She also uses a field of force to protect herself. She can seduce her enemies thanks to her appearance or simply blind them.
As a matter of fact, she took one day a flight to NYC in order to join her parents for the week-end. The airplane crashed and  fell in the sea. Everybody was dead except Kelly Jones who was swimming in the strangely pink ocean’s water . Since then, her life changed.
Her mission is to enforce the law and to impose the peace on the world. Because the police is too weak to arrest the delinquents, she assigned herself its mission. But a man protects the delinquents and makes them stronger. He wants black hearts to feed and to govern the world. " Black King " is his name.
J'espère avoir rendu ton texte le plus fidèlement possible... Bon courage!
Thank you for your attention ! Vous m'avez énormément aidé ! Merci, merci, merci !