Devoir maison a rendre pour lundi :
Écris ton texte sur ta ville minimum 16 lignes , tu dois utiliser au moins 4 noms de lieux , et 4 adjectifs & au moins 4 sentiments en Anglais ,
Pistes : Commence par réfléchir aux endroits de ta ville que tu aimes/ que tu aime pas pourquoi pense aux différents moments de la journée de la semaine ou de l’année .

Merci d'avance .



Last year i was in bern in swisss this is a beautiful place and you can do a lot of things .
 i stay there one week .  i went to visited the house of einstein. then i went to a supermarcket an i bought delicious chocolate. you know swiss chocolate is the best of th world . after i vent to a zoo i saw many animals and my favourite is dolphin . this is a crazy day
I live in Paris. It's a really beautiful and big city, with many inhabitants. When i walk in Paris' streets, I feel so happy because I like the living town, i don't like the country(=la campagne) There are lots of monuments like for exemple the Eiffel Tower, when I see it, i'm still impressed: it's a huge building ! Every day, i go to my school, i'm a bit bored of lessons. Paris is a great city because there are also lots of cultural monuments like the Louvre Museum. I think I live in a safe part of Paris because in the street I'm never scared of people. Sometimes, I also have a rest in parcs like the Luxembourg Garden, alone or with friends, and I just walk and I am thoughtful (pensif)