I live in a house with 2 floors . There in a garden.There in bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom ...

Je sais pas si tout est bon mai sj'espere que je t'ai aide
Fais attention, il faut employer auxiliaire be c'est à dire "There is a garden..."
My house is situated in town. there are three floors and a garden. on the first floor there are a kitchen, a living room and toilets. on the second floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. the attic is on the third floor. in my garden there are a lot of plants and a water fountain. i love my house, it is wonderful.
voila j'espère t'avoir aider.
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I have a big house, my house are 2 floors.
In my house there two bathroom, five room. My room are the wall white, and it's a big.
In my garden, there are a dog, and the rabbit.

Voici une exemple, si tu veux un autre texte dit le moi en français et je te le traduirais :)

Fais attention Ers il y a beaucoup d'erreurs dans ce que tu as écrit...