S.V.P aidez moi please ! :)
Il faut répondre au question 1 et 2 avec le texte ci dessous en faisant des phrases:
1/ Describe Kibera
2/Explain what kind of products are made there

Our products are predominantly made by the women and men who live in the Kibera Slum. The workshops where the artisans work provide people with a sustainable income but, more importantly, the pide to earn a living to support themselves and their family.Without this they would have nothing- there is no such thing as stade benefit and support in Nairobi.Jambo-Jambo subscribes to the policy of Fair Trade.What's more, our products are all hand- made from natural or recycled products. As well as being eco-friendly, this means they are all individual and unique.



1) Kibera is a slum near Nairobi, Kenya. People living there are very poor and without Jambo-Jambo's workshops, they would have nothing.
2) The products made in Kibera are hand-made from natural or recycled products. On top of being ecologic, they are all unique.