bonsoir jai besoin d aide pour faire un resumer sur se texte en 10LIGNE : en anglais svpl urgent

tom put the camera down he doesn't want it in his hands now HE feels afraid
he thinks about the camera bag the squirrel and the flowers
when i take photo of things with this camera they go away he thinks
i don t know how but they do
across winston park he can see the boys playing football
i must tell neil about this he thinks he put the camera in his bag and starts running across the park
but after he stops running he thinks about the camera bah the squirrel and the flowers he's nears the boys now
it's my birthday he thinks i want neil to come to the shops with me
we can get pizza i can buy something with my birthday money
a boy in a blue t shirt has the ball now he's running fast then everyone shouts
Lots of the boys run to the boy in the blue t shirt they are all very happy
tom quickly takes the camera from the bag and looks into it he can see the ball
He presses the photo button and then the delete button the boys want to start playing again hey shouts the boy in the blue t-shirt
where's the ball
no one can understand they look on the grass and behind trees
can you see the ball tom ? neil asks
no sorry tom says i don't know where the ball is .I DON'T THINK YOU can play now .Do you want to get a pizza with me ? I can buy something to eat with my birthday money .
But Neil. doesn't hear Tom .He's listening to the boy in the blue T-shirt. It's OK he says . I' ve got another ball in my bag Good says Neil .But where is our other ball ? I Don't know says the boy. He gets the new ball from his bag . They start to play again .
Tom thinks about taking a new photo of the new ball. But the boys run away across the grass and Tom turns and starts to walk home.



It's Tom's birthday, he's in the park and he's got a camera. He wants to take a picture of squirrels but he's afraid they'll run away. There's also boys playing football, he wants to play with them so he runs towards them. One of the boys scored, everyone is around him but they lost the ball, Tom takes a picture of it and deleted it. Tom is asking one of the boys to go to the shops together and go eat but the boy doesn't hear him and goes get a new ball. Tom is thinking of taking another picture of the new ball but he walks away.