Bonjour, j'ai des questions à répondre à partir d'un texte mais le problème c'est que j'arrive pas à les faire. Pouvez-vous m'aidez svp ?

VOICI LE TEXTE : Barneys, Bergdorf’s, Bloomingdale’s

I was
living in Manhattan
and had a career as a freelance writer. I was engaged to a wealthy European
businessman, and we had two homes, two cars, and an abundance of friends. My
closet was full of beautiful things to wear. Just outside my front door were my
three favorite department stores: Barneys, Bergdorf’s, and Bloomingdale’s.Barneys,
on Madison Avenue, was the one I liked best. Barneys was modern, fresh, and
white-walled .When I was strolling alone Barneys, the world outside ceased to

One glorious, sunny Tuesday afternoon, I
found myself in Barneys and couldn’t remember how I got there. I should have
been was home finishing a story about the fashion photographer Michael Thompson.
But ... well … I was standing in the lingerie department. I was staring at the
Cosabella panties. There must have been twenty colors or even more. An army of
undies surrounded me. There were brassieres and bustiers, camisoles and cotton
pyjamas. And it was all there to be bought. I felt as if a helium balloon was
being inflated inside my head. It took up the space where my brain was supposed
to be. I felt a kind of high at the thought of purchasing all those panties.

When I got home that day, I opened my
closet door. There were my beautiful suits, my columns of cashmere sweaters,
stacks of T-shirts and summer dresses. Everything was in its place. But at the
back of the closet, there was a growing pile of unopened shopping bags. I threw
in the glossy black bag from Barneys and shut the door. I knew that I had
started to experience something troubling and inexplicable.

Shopping was my escape, my friend, my balm,
my release, my pacifier, my pleasure, my secret, my pastime, my fantasy, my reality, my recreation, my
therapy, my drug. Was it also my addiction?

Avis Cardella,Spent: Memoirs of a Shopping Addict,2010

Questions :

1.The source - Say what you can guess about the text.What do you know about the narrator ?

2. The whole text - Give a titke to earch part.

3.§1 - Give information about the narrator (living conditions,favourite pastime)

4. §2- Talk about the particular day she remembers ( where she was,what she did,what she felt)

5.§3 - What did she realize when she got home ?

6.§4 - Comment on this paragraph.Compare the last word with the orther nouns.Then pick out elements from the text to justify that word.

7. Sum up the text and listen to our summary



1) I think the narrator is a girl and she like shopping.
2) The first part : where  I Iive.
 the second part: my hobbys 
the third part: my passion 
3) she lives in Manhattan and she likes shopping.

après dsl je ne comprend pas bien les questions