Tâche finale, aidez moi :((

Je dois crée un interview je suis la journaliste et je dois poser des questions a un témoin d'une expérience paranormal:

Je peux:

- Lui poser des questions pour le guider dans son histoire
- L'interroger sur ses sentiments
- L'interroger sur ses réactions
- Poser des questions pour vérifier son histoire.

Les formules de polistesse.
La forme (costumes,accessoires..)


Merci D'avance :$$



I'm pleased to have you here tonight, so, what is the paranormal experience you want to share whith us ?
- I was having dinner as usual in the dining room, just after my mother died. I heard unusual noises , the day after she was burried. It was quite scarry, as it was totally unusual.
- Ok, but wasn't it  just a reaction of your imagination?
- I don't think so, as this phenomenon lasted for several weeks without any explanation. Friends of mine came to dinner and said unanimously that something strange was happening in my house.  None of them came again for they were too scared.
- What exactly happened as they were at your place?
- They heard strange noises just like me. Like if someone was walking upon our heads and finally whispering strange words, like 'not again" or "no more".
- This is indeed rather scarry.  Did you find any rational explanation to this phenomenon?
- Well, it's still fuzzy.  I personnally think that the noises on the first floor came from the fact that the room was no longer occupied nor aerated. But for the whisperings, no explanation was found so far.
- Well, thank you for sharing your experience with us and good luck for the future!